Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on the economy and businesses of all sizes. The slow down in the economy has affected a vast amount of sectors who were not allowed to trade. As a result the government brought in many emergency procedures to try and help struggling businesses and kickstart the UK economy.

During this uncertain time many supplier, peers and government departments may be less judgemental about your insolvency. 


Coming out of the pandemic, it has been made clear that the Furlough Scheme will be looked at closely and investigations executed:

If you have used the Furlough scheme, we can help you analyse how your business has used it and set straight any 'improper use'. 


Many company directors, under pressure, have taken Bounce Back Loans and have either spent the money or are not sure how to use the funds and what they can spend them on. Phoenix Recovery can help guide and protect you in these circumstances.

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