Phoenix Companies offer a legal and genuine path to get your company back, reduce company debts and save jobs and incomes for loyal, productive employees.

Phoenix Recovery are able to offer imperative help and advice stemming from years of experience and hands on involvement in insolvency.


We work for you and not for your creditors giving you far superior advice compared with solicitors, accountants or insolvency practitioners.


Our experience with insolvent businesses before, during and  after Covid allows us to offer you the very best recovery advice.



Insolvency is a stressful time and directors are often faced with decisions that can affect them personally for years after the event if unguided.

Preferential payments, trading while insolvent, transactions under value, personal guarantees - all areas that can be daunting.

We are here to hold your hand through the entire process and take steps to protect you personally, without acting improperly.

Time is crucial in these situations and with our experience you can be assured that you can act fast and take the correct action.



CCJS, CVAs, statutory demands, winding up petitions, bailiffs, retention of title - issues that raise their head during insolvency that we help deal with.

Depending on what issues you are facing as a director, we will come up with a strategy that best suits your objectives and protects you.

Save the business? Start again? Wind down & protect yourself? We can achieve the best outcome - doors will close fast, but we act faster.

Assessing and implementing the most relevant strategy will put you in control of your future and allow you to move forward.



Did you take back a Bounce Back loan during the Corona Virus Pandemic? Following an huge increase in fraud, the Government will be investigating the use of funds over the next 5 years.

If you have taken a Bounce Back Loan and are looking to Phoenix or close your business, you may need our help. 

Whether you have spent the loan already and are worried about how they were spent, or are looking for the best way to use the funds legally - Phoenix Company Recovery are positioned to offer you the best advice while protecting your interests.



Phoenix Company Recovery are a boutique collective of professionals with a passion for insolvency and helping the people who are least regarded - the insolvent company's directors and shareholders.

Every member of our team have personal, hands-on experience with or in insolvent companies and share a collective disdain for the way that company directors are treated and advised during an insolvent situation. Creditors, Insolvency Practitioners, Banks and HMRC only have their own interests at heart. At Phoenix Recovery we offer genuine help, advice and practical debt instruments to steer you and your insolvent business through to the other side. Unlike an Insolvency Practitioner or Accountant, we can act for you - helping negotiate the often chaotic environment at the helm of an insolvent company.


Our Services:

pre-pack administration, Bounce Back Loan advice, company voluntary arrangement, insolvency practitioner, winding up petition, creditors voluntary liquidation, members voluntary liquidation, statutory demand And


Areas Covered:

London, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford, Wolverhampton


  • We act for you and not for creditors - unlike an insolvency practitioner who is bound to serve your creditors first and foremost

  • Bounce Back Loans have only existed since March, however we already have experience in dealing with protecting directors who have the funds / have spent the funds / are unsure how to spend them

  • We put a stop to pressure almost instantly - winding up petitions, CCJs, bailiffs, HMRC and landlords

  • We can help you set up a new company and bank account within 24 hours to minimise disruption to ongoing trade and your reputation regardless of credit history

  • We act as a buffer between you and the insolvency - advising you at every stage preventing you from being tripped up in the process. You will not have to attend a Creditors Meeting, we help with all official paperwork. We will help you draft replies to any aggressive letters from banks, landlords, staff, HMRC, creditors or any other party putting pressure on you

  • Our team can help you deal with and fight Personal Guarantees

  • Our experience is invaluable and we can give you practical advice that an insolvency practitioner cannot, to help your business and personal situations

  • We are not bound by professional bodies such as the FCA, R3, ACCA or the IPA and as such can offer full, all encompassing advice as well as highlighting pitfalls along the way

  • As well as your corporate insolvency we are able to offer personal insolvency advice and help you limit how they may affect each other

  • Above all we empathise with your situation and are available 24hrs to help you contend with whatever crops up during the process